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Wed, 02 Apr 2014 13:59:00

Trending now at the JETS Swimwear H.Q; natural nourishments that are set to keep your beauty shining!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging with the richness of life, such as juggling work and play.

Introducing the JETS Swimwear top five go-to wonders for shiny vigorous hair and luminous skin...


Delightfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh, this fruit has potassium-power!

A healthy snack that boosts your energy-levels, did you know that bananas are also great for keeping your hair hydrated and healthy?

Add a bunch to your shopping list & start to feel the benefits of smooth and sleek locks!

How we like it: As a smoothie! See some office favourites via theKitchn here

jets swimwear healthy lifestyle


Make like the JETS H.Q and start your day with a serve of Greek Yoghurt.

Not only will you absorb the necessary minerals and vitamins, but the calcium levels will assist with maintaining stronger hair, nails and bones!

How we like it: Topped with almond slices and frozen berries! Via Foodalator here

jets swimwear healthy lifestyle


A serving of nuts is our favourite healthy desk side essential!

Incorporate walnuts to your diet and give your hair and skin a gorgeous boost with the natural omega-3 fatty acids & minerals.

How we like it: mixed through a lunch time salad! Beetroot & goat's cheese with walnuts recipe via Taste here

jets swimwear healthy lifestyle


This succulent summer fruit is perfect for an afternoon boost.

With a source of anti-oxidants and bevvy of vitamins, this a top contender when it comes to maintaining a soft, glowing look!

How we like it: Frozen with zest! Pomegranate Limeade Popsicles via Bay Area Bites here

jets swimwear healthy lifestyle


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away... and we couldn't agree more!

Full with anti-oxidants and deliciousness, this summer-sweet fruit will give your skin a lively boost.

How we like it: blended to perfection! Green Apple Smoothie via Girl Makes Food here

jets swimwear healthy lifestyle