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Thu, 23 Jan 2014 11:00:00

Sun-drenched and wonderful, basking in the warmth and taking in those final rays as the day comes to an end...

Sunsets bring a sense of euphoria, a dreamlike presence that at times cannot be easily defined.

From dramatic orange and pink skies beaming over the Mediterranean to a picture-perfect Rio sunset with cinematic views...

These top sunset contenders will leave you in destination lust!

The Greek Island of love... Santorini

jets sweimwear edit santorini

jets sweimwear edit santorini

jets sweimwear edit santorini

The city that never sleeps... New York

sweimwear edit new york

jets sweimwear edit new york

The iconic Christ the Redeemer makes an amazing impact over Rio de Janeiro

jets sweimwear edit rio

jets sweimwear edit rio

A Hawaii beach vacation sunset is an affair to remember!

jets sweimwear edit hawaii

jets swimwear hawaii sunset