What hours is customer service available?
Customer service is available Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney) (not including Public Holidays)
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How should I care for my products?
Please refer to our Fit & Care Guide
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I saw a great style in the Collections page, How can I buy it?
You can find your local stockist by going to Find a Retailer located on the bottom right of this page. If you require further assistance in locating your nearest retailer or product please contact JETS customer service on 1300 366 889, +61 2 9698 6668 or email customerservice@jets.com.au
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How do I get store detail in Find Your Retailer?
Clicking on the red flag on the map provides you with information on each of our retailers. If you find many red flags in a particular area you are able to zoom using the + and - on the left hand side to see more detail.
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In which countries is it possible to shop online?
Please note we only ship within Australia. If you are visiting from another country you are welcome to browse our online store, add to your wishlist and locate your nearest retailer using the Find Your Retailer feature. For more information please contact customerservice@jets.com.au
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