Model Moment With Merethe Hopland

Model Moment With Merethe Hopland

We were lucky enough to shoot with Norwegian beauty, Merethe Hopland in our latest Preview Campaign for 2017. We sat down with the model to talk all things swim, and hear about what she has coming up in the near future.

2nd of March, 2017
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When did you begin your modelling career?

I actually didn’t start modelling until the age of 18. The past 8 years have been so much fun! I always say maybe I’ll finish up soon, but never can! I have the best job in the world. I get to work with amazing people in beautiful locations. I can’t give it up!


Describe our Preview Collection for 2017

AMAZING! I fell in love with the collection instantly. It’s very sleek and sexy, and I love that there’s so much variety. From print to plain, there’s definitely something to suit every body type.


Out of all the swimsuits you wore during the campaign shoot, which was your favourite?

That’s so hard to answer because I love them all! The Encounter bikini was definitely a swimsuit that I would wear over and over again. The print is very detailed and vibrant which is perfect for this time of the year. It’s very Turkish inspired which gives it a unique look. I’m obsessed with the colours!


What’s your favourite swim trend this season?

Definitely the One-Piece! It’s so nice to see it making a return this season. It’s such a sexy and flattering shape. There’s also a lot of texture coming through this season, which definitely gives a great look and feel and adds something extra to a swimsuit.


Which do you prefer: Print or Plain?

They are completely different. Can I say both…? I think everyone needs a staple plain swimsuit that’s classic and timeless, but then of course a print as well. A pop of colour is important too. The prints featured in the JETS 2017 PREVIEW Collection are very nice, and there’s a lot of detailing in the exotic prints. 


What’s next for you? Can we expect to keep seeing you working in Australia?

I came to Australia last year for what was only meant to be a quick work trip, and have been here on and off ever since! It’s so beautiful here... I was recently in Europe working on some exciting things in Germany and Holland, but have since returned to the warm Australian weather. I’m always travelling for work so I just take each week as it comes, and be where I need to be.