How to Care For Your Swimwear


April 28th, 2020
How to Care For Your Swimwear
How to Care For Your Swimwear

Our high quality, expertly engineered silhouettes have been designed to withstand the seasons, this is what has given us the iconic reputation in the swimwear industry that we've held on to for 20 years.


To ensure a long-lasting life span for your amazing JETS style, we've put together the below quick guide on how to maintain the pristine condition of your purchases.


- Always rinse your swimsuit in cold water as soon as possible after use to wash out any excess salt-water or chrorine.


- For best wash results wash your swimsuit separately from other items by soaking in cold water using mild soap or detergent specifically designed for fabrics with high spandex content. Please ensure it's a gentle detergent, as bleach and harsh chemcials can damage your suit. 


- Make sure you rinse thoroughly to ensure all soap has been removed from the swimsuit. Please do not wring the suit as this will put pressure on the fabric and have the potential to stretch or damage the delicate fabrics like mesh.


- Do not use a tumble dryer, instead, dry your swimwear in the shade and ideally flat, this will ensure that the colour doesn't fade from the direct impact from the Sun. We want your suits to remain as vibrant as you bought them for years to come. Please don't use a tumble dryer.


- Avoid rolling up your swimwear or storing while it is wet.


- Avoid contact with rough or abrasive surfaces, this can cause damage to the fabric by either pulling or snagging the swimsuit.


- Try and limit the swimsuits contact with suntan lotions, tanning cream and chlorine as this may cause some colours and prints to fade.


We want you to get the most wear out of your swimwear possible, season after season, so please follow these steps to keep your JETS looking its best. Xx