The Making of... a Swimsuit


Timeless, sophisticated, elegant. All words our beautiful team work by through every step of our 10 month design to market process. This mantra helps us at JETS as we continue our aim to create stunning, innovative pieces that make women feel fabulous in their swimwear. Follow our journey to see how we bring swimwear to you in the video below.

14th Feb, 2018
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Philosophy and heritage:

‘The Jets philosophy, bottom line, is to make every woman feel fabulous’ –Martine Hattersley, Brand and Creative Manager

For years JETS has made swimwear for the sophisticated, confident woman. Making over 200 pieces for each collection, we pay close attention to what our JETS woman wants- with some of our most classic shapes and pieces staying in the collections for over 20 years.

Design Process:

‘The design process is an art of Science and Creativity blended together’- Brenda Murray, Design Director

The placement of panels and lines, prints and seams to flatter the body make this Design Process a strong mix of Science and Creativity- all to make beautiful swimwear that enhances the female form.

Textile Design:

‘Each season we are trying to reinvent and reinvigorate what we’ve done before and be even more innovative’ – Natasha Nikolovska, Garment Designer

Staying true to the JETS DNA and the signature style the brand has worked towards for many years, all whilst trying to implement innovative technologies, trims and fabrics, is the main priority of the Textile design process.

Campaign Launch:

‘Getting amazing imagery that I know will wow our audience and make a big bang on social media, that’s definitely the most exciting part for me’ –Martine Hattersley, Brand and Creative Manager 

After months of planning and design, the vison of the JETS team comes to life through the shooting of the campaign. In stunning, sometimes iconic, locations- such as the beautiful harbour in Sydney- the team aim to create imagery that will inspire the JETS woman. 

Representing JETS:

‘Anyone can put this on and feel gorgeous’ – Eden Bristowe, Model 

Making women feel and look amazing is our team’s ultimate goal as we create a collection. When our campaign model feels sexy, confident and happy in our swimwear, JETS knows you will too.

The Making of... a Swimsuit
The Making of... a Swimsuit

A process focused on how you feel; see the results of our design process today in all of our signature styles.