Corporate Responsibility

JETS Swimwear is a long term signatory to the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation process and are committed to improving conditions in the textile, clothing and footwear industries. Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is a voluntary accreditation and labeling system. By registering with ECA, JETS have committed to take steps to keep its Australian-based supply chains transparent and compliant with the relevant Australian laws.

We value and promote our ECA accreditation membership, which means that retailers and consumers can be proud that not only is the majority of JETS by Jessika Allen swim garments 'Made in Australia', but that everyone involved in production receive legal rates of pay and enjoy fair working conditions.?With regular third-party compliance audits taking place throughout all levels of our supply chain, we can share the comfort that comes from knowing that an extra set of eyes is on the ground.

Social and ethical compliance are important in every aspect of the JETS product. JETS sources much of it's fabric directly from an Australian mill, working closely with the mill to produce innovative and quality fabrics. JETS also works with renowned Australian based fabric agents working directly with European mills in Italy, France and Spain as well as other specialist suppliers around the world. JETS Australian Fabric Agents ensure that offshore mills meet international best practices.

Where possible JETS uses sustainable fabrics. The main base fabric for prints that JETS uses has been sourced specifically for its ethical properties, with the fabric containing regenerated Econyl fibre

Most of JETS printed fabrics are digitally printed in Australia. Digital printing is not only the highest quality form of printing, it is an ethically sound method of printing with little or no residual dye waste from the process.

Whilst the majority of JETS swimwear is manufactured in Australia at facilities audited and accredited under the Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) Scheme, some of JETS Swimwear products are manufactured overseas. Some swimwear is produced in China. It is manufactured in one factory that is externally audited by BSCI to ensure that it complies with recognised industry best practices.

JETS manufactures its outerwear primarily in India at one factory that it has visited and is externally audited by India auditing agency Extensive Standard Technical Services Co. Ltd (ESTS), with the most recent 2015 audit report reference: ESTS2015031800103 to ensure that the factory complies with recognised industry best practices The factory also has it's own social compliance programme. When used, JETS only sources its cotton from cotton grown in India.

As a member of The PAS Group, JETS upholds the expected group standards that have been set for all brands within the group. The Social and Ethical compliance statement for The PAS Group can be found here